Sempervivus LLCArt and Design

Mt. Baldy Installation
©Darwin Nordin and Rebecca Watson

Current Work

Darwin and Rebecca started Sempervivus with the idea that a small business would allow the flexibility of making more artwork. Finding extra time, as most small business owners soon find out, was a challenge. We had to learn lots of things that had very little to do with making art. Although we have always been blessed with great word of mouth business from clients, finding jobs that fit into art making priorities at times made for some difficult choices and often amusing juggling acts. Although there are days when we both wish we had never got distracted with the business of creating gardens, designing exhibit spaces, making websites, etc., all these distractions have offered creative opportunities that we might not have experienced, had we not taken the plunge in 1990.

Currently Darwin is working on a series of intricate prints which continue to be inspired by observations of the natural world. Rebecca has been focused on the design and development of this website and is also working on a new body of work.