Sempervivus LLCArt and Design

Darwin teaching at
Carl Sandburg Elementary, Kirkland, WA
Rebecca working at the Imagination Station,
Seattle Children's Museum


Both Darwin and Rebecca had art teachers who supported and challenged their creative endeavors. They both feel teaching is a way to give back to the community and hopefully spark the creative spirit in students who might be struggling to find their way.

Since 1996, Darwin has been devoting the majority of his time to teaching and arts education. Darwin is an energetic arts educator who has spent nearly twenty years providing art experiences to a wide variety of audiences. He has worked with children of all ages, adults, the elderly and many special populations. He has designed and facilitated many experiences and projects that are unique and often of a scale and scope that goes far beyond the typical table-top art project. Darwin’s teaching style and philosophy is around the creative process. His primary goal is to engage students in creative that challenge and enrich their understanding of art as well as the world around them. Although full-time work has taken Rebecca away from actively teaching, she is committed to it's importance and continues to support Darwin with his teaching endeavors.

‘I want the students to become excited, energized and confident about their creative powers to explore, imagine and dream a rich and meaningful life.’
– Darwin Nordin

'There is nothing more meaningful than finding a way to effectively communicate an idea to another human being. And ...when the the idea is passed on, the light turns on and sparks begin to fly, that's creativity in action.
– Rebecca Watson