Sempervivus LLCArt and Design

Washington Middle School
Yakima School District

Teaching Philosophy

Art making comes easy for us as children. Unlike speaking, very few people continue as adults to draw, paint or sculpt, let alone to participate in any form of creative expression. We believe artmaking is integral to finding one's individual way of being in the world. This does not mean that everyone's path is to become an artist. It does mean that exposure to the arts and the process of art making is integral to helping children become creative thinkers as adults whatever their avocation. The process of making art often acts as a compass that can point children in the direction they are interested in. Art allows introducing ideas and concepts to kids that they might not otherwise understand. Making art builds emotional awareness, intellectual strength and visual aquity. We are born with the capacity to see but not with the capacity to fully interpret information presented to us. Because there are no "right answers" to solving art problems, art making teaches children to experience new ways of looking at things and finding innovative solutions. Talking about art projects teaches children to accept praise and criticism as a means for personal growth. Art develops creative problem solving skills and provides children direction and a disciplined approach for working on projects alone and as a part of a group.