Sempervivus LLCArt and Design

Darwin talking with student in an Installation Art class at Gage Academy

Art Residencies

Unlike a workshop which tends to last a day or two, art residencies give an artist the opportunity to be an active participant in a school community. It allows an artist to develop a meaningful dialogue with students, teachers, administrators and parents, and to help students engage in projects, perhaps with a more extensive focus they have in the past. To collaborate on a large project and learn what it is to make something and work together as a team can be a life affirming experience for a child.

Sempervivus Art and Design's Darwin Nordin and Rebecca Watson, have been artists-in-residents at various schools, museums and community centers. Currently, Darwin, is actively pursuing art residencies and teaching opportunities. If you are interested in finding out more about art residencies or teacher's workshops offered by Darwin, please read Darwin's Art Residency and Workshop Brochure (.pdf) or