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Teacher Workshop
Tacoma Public Schools

Teacher Workshops

Darwin offers workshops for teachers include hands-on, motivational experiences intended to emphasize the importance of including art and aesthetic activities in all lessons. The benefits of adding art experiences to curricula is one most teachers agree is important, but many lack experience to effectively incorporate art into their lesson plans. As teacher's classroom sizes and workloads have increased, incorporating creative experiences in everyday lessons has become more difficult. This workshop is designed to stimulate interest in introducing art and aesthetic experiences in lessons including subject areas such as English, History, Science and Math. It provides participants with art techniques, skills and advice for doing so in ways that are simple and easy to facilitate. This workshop will make teacher's realize the more excited kids are about learning the easier and more fun it becomes to teach.

If you are interested in finding out more about teacher's workshops offered by Darwin, please read Darwin's Art Residency and Workshop Brochure (.pdf) or contact us.